Ways of teenager to create a cleaner and greener environment essay

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Trees create economic opportunities Fruit harvested from community orchards can be sold, thus providing income. Small business opportunities in green waste management and landscaping arise when cities value mulching and its water-saving qualities.

Make your office literally green with plants! They absorb airborne pollutants (which are rampant with off-gassing office furniture), and emit healthy negative ions and oxygen into the air. Having some green plants in the office also reduces that "sterile" look, making it more comfortable for everybody.

What are some of the ways a teenager can contribute to creating a cleaner and greener environment? We as a teenager will be the next world leaders and our enthusiasm and energy will make a real difference in preserving Mother Earth.

Young people, especially, are generally more vibrant and proactive than older generation. You can make a difference in youth education.

Environmental impacts

Kids and teens are eager to help save the environment but they need mentorship, supplies, and support that only your donation can provide. You can make a difference to our environment.

Ways of teenager to create a cleaner and greener environment essay
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