Technological environment in india

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Technological unemployment

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technological environment

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Technological change (TC), technological development, technological achievement, or technological progress is the overall process of invention, innovation and diffusion of technology or processes.

Technological Environment In India

In essence, technological change covers the invention of technologies (including processes) and their commercialization or release as open source via research and development (producing.

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How The Technological Environment Affects Business: Examples & Effects Businesses are affected by changes in the technological environment.

How The Technological Environment Affects. Another Measure of technological Environment in the country is the Number of International patents filed by the Laboratories and Firms from a country. Just compare this for India with Lucent Laboratories USA (Now headed by an Indian), which files more than almost one patent every day.

The success or failure of any business is highly dependent on the type of technology in use, the level of technological developments, the speed with which new technologies are adopted and diffused, the type of technology that are appropriate etc.

India- Environmental TechnologyIndia - Environmental Technology Orders of the Green Tribunal are driving many of the recent environment management initiatives. These industries prefer advanced treatment technological systems such as reverse osmosis membranes for treating their wastewater.

Technological environment in india
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