Procurement in built environment construction essay

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Procurement In Built Environment Construction Essay

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Science and materials in construction and the built in environment Essay

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Nature of Construction Contracts Introduction For this assignment the writer is going to discuss the nature and types of construction contracts and will explain the legal responsibilities of the various parties involved in the design and the construction process.

Using different types of sources an explanation to the basic principles of contract law. Within the construction and built environment industry, there are six main different routes by which the design and construction of a project can be procured.

The selected method depends on the nature of the project and other factors including client requirements and timescales. In a built environment it is necessary for the Designer to reduce the health risks that occur from the construction work and also to provide for the safety and welfare to the workers.

So Health, Safety and Welfare play an important in the design process.

Procurement In Built Environment Construction Essay

More precisely, the construction industry describes procurement as “a system that establishes the roles and relationships which make up a project organisation”; hence the overall organisation and communication structure for the management, administration and control of a project is established by the procurement system.

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Procurement In Built Environment Building Essay

Energy (), Calorie (1) send me this sample. procurement strategy should be developed that balances risk against the project objectives that are established at an early stage.

The nature of the client’s business .

Procurement in built environment construction essay
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Procurement In Built Environment Building Essay