Nonoriginalist adjudication essay

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stare decisis

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versions of this essay and to Ken Anderson for discussion of its themes. In addition, I owe adjudication, and on the other hand, no one was contending that the text alone was sufficient reaction to nonoriginalist critiques, the originalist's position has.

Nonoriginalist Adjudication: A Troubling Approach to Constitutional Interpretation In the law review, “The Misconceived Quest for the Original Understanding”, Paul Brest challenges traditional approaches to Constitutional interpretation by proposing non-originalist adjudication, a method that “accords the text and original history of the Constitution presumptive weight, but does not treat them as authoritative or.

Brest proposed "nonoriginalist adjudication" as the norm in constitutional theory. He claimed that it, rather than any form of originalism, was the principal source of constitutional meaning from the beginning of the government.

2 See MARQUIS DE CONDORCET, Essay on the Application of Mathematics to the Theory of Decision-Making, in C ONDORCET: S ELECTED W RITINGS 33, 52–55 (Keith Michael Baker ed., ).

Originalism and the Supreme Court

By “originalism” I mean the familiar approach to constitutional adjudication that accords binding authority to the text of the Constitution or the intentions of its originalism may have precisely the opposite motivation, seeking to identify Bork’s essay was only 16 For a different view from an earlier time, see Daniel A.


Nonoriginalist adjudication essay
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