History of radiology essay

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Stroke differential diagnosis and mimics: Part 1

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Founder of X-ray, November 8, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen Made the first dental radiograph, Otto Walkhoff We will write a custom essay sample on Chapter: 1 Radiology- History of Dental Radiography or any similar topic only for you Order now Made the first dental radiograph in the united states using a skull, W.J.

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Chapter: 1 Radiology- History of Dental Radiography

Nuclear medicine is a form of radiology, yet differs from standard radiology in a number of essential ways. In standard radiology, a source of x-rays is placed outside the patient and as the x-rays penetrate the patient, an image is created.

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An estimated 9% to 30% of patients with suspected stroke and % to 17% of patients treated with IV-tPA have stroke mimics.

The Business Case for Investing in Physician Well-being

The majority of stroke mimics are due to seizures, migraines, tumors and toxic-metabolic disturbances. 3,8 Imaging usually facilitates diagnosis, as stroke has typical imaging features at different stages and follows typical topographic patterns.

History of radiology essay
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