A stable environment

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Describe an effective culture for (a)a relatively stable environment & (b)a dynamic environment?

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Stable Unstable Neutral If an air parcel is displaced from its original height it can: Return to its original height - Stable Keep right on moving because it is buoyant - Unstable environment – A negative acceleration part where the parcel is colder than the environment.

Land subdivision and funeral businesses may not be the sexiest small-business ideas when compared to, let’s say, a web startup or a local coffee shop. But private companies in these fields tend. Definition of Organizational Environment. Uploaded by. Habtu Haylemariam. Environmental changeability refers to whether elements in the environment are stable or unstable.

An environmental domain is stable if it remains the same over a period of months and years. Under unstable conditions environmental elements shift often and abruptly. environment and extensive exposure to the environment.

For this reason we present people with only 40 trials in order to learn to control a Stable or Unstable CDC task. A stable, long-term company culture initiative must be constantly and clearly communicated on all levels of the organization.

Leadership can do their part by creating a stable environment to foster the commitment of their workers. An ecosystem is said to possess ecological stability (or equilibrium) It is possible for an ecosystem or a community to be stable in some of their properties and unstable in others; e.g., in response to a drought, a plant community might conserve biomass but .

A stable environment
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